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                       Jennie Mitchell Kellogg Achievement Award

In 1999, KWAA presented the first Jennie Mitchell Kellogg Achievement Award.  The Award is presented each year at the annual conference to a member who meets the following criteria:

(1) The individual has achieved professional excellence in her field;
(2) influenced other women to pursue legal careers;
(3) opened doors for women lawyers in a variety of job settings that historically were closed to them; and
(4) advanced opportunities for women within a practice area or segment of the profession.

JMK Achievement Award Recipients

1999 -- Hon. Christel E. Marquardt
2000 -- Linda Parks
2001 -- Hon. Marla Luckert
2002 -- Hon. Karen Humphreys
2003 -- No Award Given
2004 -- Lori Callahan
2005 -- Martha Hodgesmith
2006 -- Hon. Carol Beier
2007 -- Hon. Janice Russell
2008 -- Nancy Ogle
2009 -- Laura Ice
2010 -- Patricia Hamilton
2011 -- Carol Boorady
2012 -- Kellie Hogan
2013 -- Sally Shattuck
2014 -- Cathy Reeder
2015 -- Honorable Sally Pokorny
2016 -- Kathy Webb
2017 -- Deena Hyson Bailey
Kathy Webb - 2016 Awardee
Sally Pokorny
Judge Sally Pokorny and her 2015 JMKC award.
2013 JMK Award Winner Sally Shattuck reflects on life in solo practice in Western Kansas and the support provided by KWAA members to her success.

Kelly Hogan receiving the Jennie Mitchell Kellogg Achievement Award 2012.

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